DBS Checks for Driving Instructors

Learning to drive is a rite of passage for many British youngsters. We all remember that mix of fear and excitement the first time we got behind the wheel. A good relationship with your driving instructor is essential and can make all the difference between passing and failing. Learning to drive isn’t cheap either, and good driving instructors are in high demand. If you are looking around for driving instructors, it’s important to find one which is ADI registered. Registration is a legal requirement, and includes background and DBS checks.

Qualifications needed to be a driving instructor

You can’t just stick a advert on the internet and start offering driving lessons. Instructors have to formally register with the government as an advanced driving instructor, or ADI. Instructors have to be over 21 and have had their own UK driving licence for at least three years. People who have previously been banned from driving won’t be able to register. Once registered, there’s a long training programme. This involves an advanced theory test and practical driving test. Then you’ll need practice tutoring students, followed by a teaching ability test. Once you’ve passed all that, you can start work. If you’re in Northern Ireland, the process differs. Full details are on the NI Direct website.

DBS Checks for driving instructors

An important part of the registration process is a criminal records check. This is similar to DBS checks which are used in other areas of work. Checks are submitted to the government department responsible for registering driving instructors. There are no hard and fast rules about what level of criminal record is acceptable. Decisions are made on a case by case basis. However, if you have ever been formally banned from working with children, or convicted of violent or sexual crimes, your registration will be refused. Each time you renew your registration, you’ll have a new records check.

Getting a Criminal Records Check

It’s pointless investing lots of money and effort in training before you are formally registered as an ADI. Fill in the application form online, giving personal details, address, date of birth and so on. You will also need to have your identity verified. Do this online through the government portal. You will need a current UK passport, driving licence and recent bank statements and utility bills. Processing time for checks vary. You will hear through the post whether your application to be a driving instructor has been successful.

Driving Instructor Salaries

We all know it’s expensive to learn to drive, but are driving instructors highly paid? Most are self-employed, so don’t earn when they’re not working. They also have to buy a car, fill it with fuel, maintain it and insure it. There are other expenses associated with advertising and registration checks. On the other hand, instructors have the flexibility to work when they want. The average salary, after expenses for a driving instructor in the UK is around £1600 per month, after expenses. The average cost to pupils is between £22 and £25 per hour.