Clever Ways of Boosting your Income

If you’re thinking of ways of boosting your income, the obvious ideas of selling stuff on Ebay or getting another job might instantly spring to mind. There are more unconventional ways of earning a bit of extra cash too, not all of which require initial investment either.

Could your driveway help in boosting your income?

If you live in a large city, or near a train station, you could earn around £1500 per year by allowing people to park on your driveway. Spaces near offices, theatres and other major attractions are in high demand. You don’t need permission from the Council to rent out your driveway, either full or part-time. Sign up with websites like Just Park or Your Parking Space. Although you’ll have to pay commission, it’s the simplest way of matching parker with drive-owners.


Mystery Shopping

All sorts of brands use mystery shoppers to check up on the service their employees are delivering. Mystery shoppers are paid a small fee to go into a shop and ask a question, or make a purchase then return it. Most companies will start you off with smaller assignments, but as you gain in experience and trust, you could land jobs assessing the service in a hotel, restaurant or theatre. Fees aren’t high, but you will be reimbursed for any expenses you incur. Mystery shopping can be a good way of subsidising your shopping or social life. Search online for reputable UK based companies, and remember that you can sign up with as many agencies as you want.

Rent Out Your Spare Room

The government’s rent a room scheme allows you to earn up to £7,500 per year renting out a room in your house, tax free. Taking on a lodger is a big step and shouldn’t be considered lightly. A good option is to look for lodgers who require Monday – Thursday accommodation near their place of work, and go home at the weekend. Alternatively, speak to your local University about accommodation for students. It’s your home and you have total discretion over who you take into it. You are allowed to specify that you only want a female lodger, or a non-smoker, or someone over a certain age. You can also ask your new lodger to apply for a DBS check. As you aren’t employing them, this has to be a basic check only. A basic DBS check will show up all unexpired convictions and cautions on the person’s police record.

Online Surveys and Cashback Sites

OK, so you’re not going to earn a fortune sharing your opinion on washing powder. But most survey sites will offer you a few surveys a week, and it’s easy to earn £100 over the year. Do that on multiple sites, and that’s Christmas 2019 paid for. If you’re an online shopping fan, get into the habit of clicking through a site offering cashback first. You could earn a small amount back on everything you buy, which will soon mount up. Get into the habit of checking for cashback each time you shop to reduce the cost of your internet shopping habit.